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Las Vegas – Death Valley – Yosemite – Napa – San Francisco

Don’t fancy LA, but still want to take in San Francisco and Vegas? Here is another option that is especially great if you like the great outdoors (and wine). The hints and tips on air travel and hire car from above also apply here.

As above you can do the trip in either direction. Please note, that this trip may not be suitable in the winter months due to snow in the Yosemite areas (usually November – May). Check the Yosemite website for more information.

3 nights San Francisco – taking in sites such as the cable cars, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz prison. Tip – car parking at San Francisco hotels can be pricey so consider getting the excellent public transport system from the airport into the city and only collecting your hire car when you leave town (most hire car companies have central collection points so no need for a return to the airport).

2 nights in the Napa wine region – (1.5 hours drive). One of the most chi chi wine regions in the World, Napa is a great getaway. There are some fantastic resort hotels, and boutique hotels, as well as the usual chain suspects and plenty of wine tasting to be had!

2 or 3 nights in Yosemite national park or a border town. If planning a trip to Yosemite take a look at the hotels inside the park first. They get booked in incredibly early, but you can’t beat staying at the heart of the action. Want more options for your evening entertainment? Choose a town on the border of the park such as Fish Camp, El Portal, Oakhurst or Mariposa. Don’t forget to see the Giant Sequoia Park as well.

1 night Bishop CA – Leave Yosemite by the East entrance and stay overnight in Bishop to break the journey to Death Valley. You may want to have a look at the Mammoth Lakes area en route. A popular skiing destination and pretty in the summer.

Death Valley

1 or 2 nights Death Valley – it’s a 3 hour (very scenic drive) from Bishop to the centre of Death Valley. You have two lodging options in Death Valley. Stovepipe Wells or Furnace Creek. Try and stay in the park if at all possible. Stovepipe Wells gives you are slightly more desert experience as it is a lot smaller. Furnace Creek is prone to tour groups, but it does have more amenities. If you get an early start in Bishop and are prepared for a long day, you could see all Death Valley has to offer in one very long day. Taking two nights over it would give you slightly more time to relax and take in the atmosphere (and to do some hiking if that appeals, and it isn’t the height of summer for obvious reasons)! Bare in mind that Death Valley is EXTREMELY hot during the summer months. It is often joked by Americans that there are only Brits in Death Valley during July and August. We are obviously mad or brave or a little of both. If extreme heat is an issue go during Spring or Autumn where the heat can be a little more forgiving. Don’t forget to hire a car with air con and carry plenty of water with you at all times.

Las Vegas – Death valley to Las Vegas is approximately a 2 and a half hour drive.