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What amount should I tip while I am in Las Vegas?

A very popular question for British people when traveling in the States as our tipping culture is completely different and some customs (such as tipping the barman for a round of drinks) can come as a surprise.

What should I tip in restaurants?

A 15-20% tip on the total bill BEFORE TAX is considered normal. How much you tip depends on the service you received and how ‘high end’ the restaurant you are in is.

Sometimes the tip is included in the bill so always check for that, this is usually if you are dining in a large party of over 8 people or so.

What should I tip at the bar?

It is expected that you tip the barman (or woman) $1 for every round you buy, even if you go to the bar yourself. This is a strange one for us Brits, but is expected as bar staff get extremely low basics (nothing like our minimum wage) and rely on the tip to make up their money.

What should I tip the bellboy?

They expect $1 for each bag they have delivered to your room plus a little extra if you agree to have them show you the features of the room.

What should I tip the taxi driver?

15-20% off the fare is considered normal. (See taxi page in transport section for more details).

Do I tip in Starbucks or McDonalds?

No, it isn’t necessary to tip in places like this. They all have tip jars, which you can use if you like, but it isn’t compulsory.

What should I tip the casino cocktail waitress?

For a free drink whilst you are gambling please tip them at least $1 PER DRINK. Not per party of people or round. Cocktail waitresses have to pay tax on the tips they are expected to make on the drinks they serve, therefore if you don’t tip them $1 a drink they are effectively paying for your drink. If you don’t have a $ bill then cocktail waitresses are more than happy to take chips or slot machine print outs as they can cash them in.

What should I tip the Room Maids?

They generally appreciate a $2-$5 tip left in the room each day, somewhere where it is obviously for them (such as the end of the bed). Some hotels provide special envelopes in the rooms for leaving tips for the maids.

What should I tip the Valet when I drop off/pick up my car?

Around $2 when you drop off and the same again when you pick up is fair.

What is the weather like in Las Vegas?

It is extremely hot in the Summer, but not all year round as a lot of people expect. Las Vegas often sees Winter snow. It very rarely rains. The rainiest month is in fact August, but the rain generally clears up quickly.

Average Las Vegas temperatures by month:

January: High 58F (14C) Low 34F (1C)

February: High 63F (17C) Low 39F (4C)

March: High 69F (21C) Low 44F (7C)

April: High 78F (26C) Low 51F (11C)

May: High 88F (31C) Low 60F (16C)

June: High 100F (38C) Low 69F (21C)

July: High 106F (41C) Low 74F (23C)

August: High 103F (39C) Low 74F (23C)

September: High 95F (35C) Low 66F (19C)

October: High 82F (28C) Low 54F (12C)

November: High 67F (19C) Low 43F (6C)

December: High 58F (14C) Low 34F (1C)

Where can I watch UK premiership football in Vegas?
Here are some suggestions of places to watch Premier League while you are on holiday:
Some bars and restaurants that televise English Premier League:
Michael Mina’s PUB 1842 at MGM Grand
Rí Rá at Mandalay Bay
The Pub at Monte Carlo
Nine Fine Irishmen at New York-New York
Public House at Luxor

Race & Sports books to enjoy a Barclays Premier League Game:
• With the ability to wager on and watch all Barclays Premier League games, watching in a Race and Sports book can be a fun experience. A few of the Race & Sports Books are highlighted below:
o 90 high-definition screens
o 220 inches – the size of the two largest TVs in ARIA’s Race & Sports Book
o Rows of couches and lounge chairs
o Full drink and food service as well as a VIP section
• MGM Grand
o Thirty-six 65-inch LCD televisions and twenty-four 42-inch plasmas
o Six electronic display boards and 17 separate race and sports betting stations
o Main floor seats are outfitted with 15-inch color televisions, allowing guests to personally access a network of racing and sporting events from around the globe
o The first Race & Sports Book in the industry to offer SkyBoxes
Four Skyboxes, ranging in size from 300 – 325 square feet, are each equipped with the latest technology available, including 42-inch plasma televisions, surround-sound audio,
A special second-level view and can comfortably host eight to 10 guests
SkyBox 2 and SkyBox 3 can be configured to comfortably accommodate up to 20 guests
Own beverage server and complimentary food
• The Mirage
o 10,000 square feet of big-screen action
o Two Sony 4K Ultra HD screens
85′ wide and 16′ high. Four times the resolution of 1080P


Who are you?:
I am a big Vegas fan located in London, England. I have been going to Vegas for many years and just recently have been fortunate enough to take longer trips staying off strip as well as on strip and going on long road trips in the areas surrounding Las Vegas.
I am also a fan of other parts of the USA and so far have been to a number of States (all on road trips). My list so far is Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada (obviously!), New Mexico, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming. Still many more to explore!
My interest in casino hotels expands outside of Vegas and I have been to resorts in Mississippi (Biloxi and Tunica), New Mexico (Albuquerque) and Louisiana (Shreveport) as well as Macau in China. I hope to add these resorts to the site one day.
I have visited every casino hotel in Las Vegas mentioned on this website, with the exception of Boulder Station. (Sorry Boulder Station). I will make that property a priority on my next trip.
I have stayed in the following properties:
Bellagio (Twice)
Mandalay Bay
The Mirage (Four times)
Off Strip:
Aliante Casino
Golden Nugget (Twice)
Green Valley Ranch (Twice)
Red Rock Casino (Three times)
Sam’s Town
Santa Fe Station
South Point (Twice)
Near Strip:
Hard Rock
The Orleans