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Flights to Las Vegas:

Times are Local

Direct flights to Las Vegas from the UK:

British Airways from Gatwick and Heathrow:

Heathrow – Daily – Out – 16:45 (Leave Heathrow) – 19:15 (arrive Las Vegas)

Heathrow – Daily – Back – 21:15 (Leave Las Vegas) – 15:00 (arrive Heathrow, next day)


Gatwick – Thursday – out – 9:40 (leave Gatwick) – 12:20 (arrive Las Vegas)

Gatwick – Thursday – back – 15:30 (leave Las Vegas) – 09:25 (arrive Gatwick, next day)


Gatwick – Saturday – out – 12:25 (leave Gatwick) – 15:05 (arrive Las Vegas)

Gatwick – Saturday – back – 16:55 (leave Las Vegas) – 10:50 (arrive Gatwick, next day)


Gatwick – Monday – out – 10:50 (leave Gatwick) – 13:30 (arrive Las Vegas)

Gatwick – Monday – back – 15:25 (leave Las Vegas) – 09:20 (arrive Gatwick, next day)


Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick and Manchester:

Gatwick – Daily – out – 11:25 (leave Gatwick) – 14:10 (arrive Las Vegas)

Gatwick – Daily – back – 16:40 (leave Las Vegas) – 10:30 (arrive Gatwick, next day)


Manchester – Thursday – out – 12:35 (leave Manchester) – 14:50 (arrive Las Vegas)

Manchester – Thursday – back – 17:20 (leave Las Vegas) – 11:05 (arrive Manchester, next day)


Thomas cook from Manchester (March – October only):

Manchester – Wednesday and Friday – out  – 09:45 (leave Manchester) – 12:25

(arrive Las Vegas)

Manchester – Wednesday and Friday – back 14:15 (leave Las Vegas) – 08:15

(arrive Manchester, next day)


Indirect Flights:


You can fly indirectly from a number of UK airports. The best way to find out the cheapest option on your dates is to check one of the flight brokers such as Expedia and Opodo. Be sure to check the prices on a few websites and the airlines own website as well as they can differ. Generally indirect flights will work out cheaper than direct flights.


Some airlines that fly indirect:


Delta (generally via Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle or Detroit)

Air Canada (generally via Calgary, Toronto or Montreal)

United (generally via Houston, New York, San Francisco, or Chicago)

US Airlines (generally via Philadelphia or Charlotte)



Delta (generally via Atlanta)

US Airways (generally via Philadelphia)

American Airways (generally via Chicago or New York)



United (generally via New York)



United (generally via New York)



United (generally via New York)


Other options:


You could fly into LA and drive onto Vegas from there. I have done this a couple of times as sometimes LA flights can be a lot cheaper than Vegas flights as there are more of them. It takes 4 and a half hours to drive from the LA airport to the Strip (traffic allowing obviously). Or you could start or end your holiday in LA and go onto Vegas from there. Car hire with a lot of companies allows a free drop off in Vegas from LA or vice versa, so also if one leg of your flight into Vegas is expensive try flying into or out of LA one way and Vegas the other see if that makes a difference price wise, both BA and Virgin will allow you to book a round trip ticket flying into one and out of the other.


BA fly into Phoenix (Arizona), which is 5 hours 15 from Las Vegas in the car (traffic allowing). One way car hire between Nevada and Arizona is usually free of charge as well, but make sure you double check before you confirm your booking. On this route you could also take in the Grand Canyon on the way.