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It is easy to get a taxi in Las Vegas. There are plenty of them and stop in ranks at the airport and outside all of the hotels. Taxis aren’t supposed to pull over for you so head to the nearest hotel to get one rather than trying to flag one down. Taxis in Las Vegas are tightly regulated and all run by meter. Taxis are licenced to take up to 5 people (some taxis cannot however fit 5 people).

Prices – The ‘flagfall’ base rate on the meter is $3.30. If your journey STARTS at the airport another $2 will apply to the base rate, this is the airport fee, (you do not need to pay this fee on return to the airport). Each additional mile is $2.60. If the taxi gets stuck in traffic slower than 8-12mph then you are charged $0.25 for every half a minute.

Tipping taxi drivers – 18% of the total fare is the recommended tip.

Going from the Airport to your hotel.. The airport taxi queue can sometimes look very long, but the lines moves quickly.  If your hotel is on the strip you want to be taken via Swenson Avenue to your hotel NOT via the airport tunnel. Some sneaky taxi drivers take unsuspecting tourists via the airport tunnel and this can add $5-$10 to your journey. Ask politely to be taken ‘via swenson’. Most taxi drivers are honest however so don’t less this unduly worry you.

Catching a taxi from your hotel. There will be a taxi stand attendant on duty at your hotel that helps co ordinate the taxis. It is not necessary to tip them, but if you have a lot of luggage they help you with or if they help you arrange taxis for a large group then a couple of $ would always be appreciated.

Here are some approximate taxi fares to popular hotels from the airport –

Aria – $17

Bally’s – $18

Bellagio – $18.50

The Cromwell – $16

Caesar’s Palace – $18

Circus Circus – $26

Cosmopolitan – $19

Flamingo – $16.50

Harrah’s – $18

Luxor – $15

Mandalay Bay – $17

MGM – $14

Mirage – $20

Monte Carlo – $17

Palace Station – $23

Paris – $17.50

Rio – $21

Riviera – $22.50

Stratosphere – $21

The Quad – $18

Treasure Island – $21

Venetian – $22.50

The Wynn – $19

Golden Nugget – $27